The 5 Secrets to Pulling Off Simple, Minimal Design

Organized, uncluttered, neutral colors, simplistic clean lines, “quality over quantity” -these are some of the concepts that go hand in hand with minimalism design.

  1. Complement and Coordinate
    When you are focusing on quality key items to accentuate your space try and find items that fit together. They don’t have to match but in order to reduce the feeling of clutter its important to find items that fit well and are balanced in size, shape and color with each other.
  2. Quality over quantity
    When you’re aiming for a minimal interior design, you’re going to want to focus on quality items over having quantity. Remember that less is more here!
  3. Textiles
    Textiles are a great way to add design without adding additional clutter. Carpets and accent pillows with unique patterns and styles can add unique design features, or a pop of color.
  4. Monochromatic palettes 
    Too many colors and patterns can add a busy feeling to a room. It’s great to start with neutral monochromatic earth tones and then add a pop of color here and there for a design accent.
  5. Lighting 
    Once again quality over quantity comes into play when choosing the best light fixture for your space. You can play around with dramatic style lighting that can add a great design feature without adding more clutter.