5 Unique and Functional Ways to Display Your TV

Some people don’t want their giant flat screen TV to be the main focus point in a room. Here are some creative ways to display your TV without having to take away from a rooms overall appeal.

1. Mounted above a dresser

Mounting a TV on the wall is a great way to display a tv without taking up any additional floor space. Mounting it above a dresser is a great solution for any bedroom. Be sure when mounting to a wall that you get a TV mount that is the correct size for your tv, and screw it into the studs.
2. Behind a Pull-Down Map
A fun way to hide your tv is behind a giant pull down map. You can mount the TV on the wall and choose a rolling unique map to provide a classy way to hide your TV that you may not want to see all the time. This option is great for home offices and studies.
3. Built in Shelving 
A great classy way to showcase your TV is mounted in custom built-in shelving. This will add value and functionality to your room and give you a great way to display personal items in an organized way around the TV.
4. Concealed by Artwork

A simple and elegant way to conceal and hide a flat screen television is behind a piece of framed art. You can purchase frame lifting hardware or stay/up-swing door lift and easily install this method yourself.

5. On a Swing-Arm
This is a great space saving option for a bedroom or bathroom. The swing arm lets you Tilt, Swivel, Articulate, Extend, and Collapse the TV so that you can have custom motion over where you would like the TV.