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Brand Concept & Style Guide VIP Package

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Our VIP Package Includes The following Extra:


  1. Ten Social Media Posts Tailored To Your Brand including copy write, and specific hashtags.
  2. One Promotional Video To Convey Your Brand Message, and Increase Your Brand Awareness and Reach. 
  3. One Social Campaign that effortlessly ties your brand to a current social event to put you in the spotlight. 
  4. One 2D Animated Explainer Video to amplify your brand's voice, and message.  

We conceptualize, produce and develop your unique company and brand identity to help you stand out in an oversaturated market. 

We find out all about you, your products and services, and the customers you want to reach.

From there we conduct extensive research on your target market to create a brand campaign that connects the two of you, using the skill of branding psychology.


We will design a unique identity system for your company, focusing on your company logo, stationery, print design, social media kit, style guide, and everything you need to stand out as an exciting Brand.


The process:

We will then refine and finalize the concept of your choice.

After the logo and brand direction is approved by you, we then start designing the other elements that will create a brand identity:

- Social Media Kit: Facebook & Twitter cover + profile photo design.

- Stationery Designs: Business card & letterhead design. 

- Brand Mission Statement

(What you stand for that connects you to your target audience.)


Brand Concept Style & Brand Strategy

We help brands better understand their specific niche, target market, and competitive position.  We listen to their visions, and better fine-tune them, to better merge with today’s current events. We identify the specific styles, branding, and market position.

Brand Identity, Values, and Mission 

 We identify your unique company values and focus on your mission statement, and how your company and brand want to be perceived by the public, and target what your brand wants to stand for in today’s society.  

Communicating Your Message & Brand Through Design

We specialize in bringing brands and products to life through the art of film. 

Your online presence is an essential factor in building brand awareness and acquiring new potential customers for your brand.


Our goal is for your target customers to connect, and fall in love with your brand. 


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



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