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Social Media Manager and Content Creator

We create your social media design strategy to grow your social media presence.  

Your online presence is an essential factor in acquiring potential clients for your brand, let us work with you to create eye-catching content, post, stories and manage your social media account.

Through your Instagram feed and Facebook posts, you have the opportunity to reach your desired target audience, increase your follower conversion rate and website traffic.   

The purpose of your feed should be to inspire, engage, and emotionally connect with your desired target audience. 

 How does it work?

  • We will analyze your company mission, brand identity, and current social issues, to come up with the best-proposed action and direction for your posts.
  • We will batch create social media posts that can use on Instagram and help link your Facebook so you increase your reach with every post. 
  • We will create a unique brand-specific stylish Instagram feed that will engage the attention of your preferred audience. 
  • With every post, it will include copy write, and specific hashtags in each post to increase your brand's reach, and connect with Instagram's changing algorithm. 
  • We will create a posting report, to break down your current analytics, and leave you with a breakdown of the best days and time to post, and a detailed plan going forward. 



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