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5 Things That Take a Boring Room, and Make It An Incredible Space.

5 Things That Take a Boring Room, and Make It An Incredible Space.

Sometimes you find that your space seems to be missing something. Many people make the mistake of going out and buying items to decorate and end up cluttering their homes when just changing out a few things can really make a space go from good to amazing!

1. The right carpet

Too big, too small, too dark, too drab. By changing out your carpet you can really transform a space in how it feels and create a special design feature without having to change the whole space. Area rugs are a great way to add warmth and comfort to a space. Opt for colors that accent the pieces that you already own.

2. Plants

Plants can add so much to a space, from adding that great pop of green color to purifying the air. Nothing makes a space feel more inviting than a few bright green plants. Look for ones that are low maintenance, are shade friendly, and don’t require a lot of sun.

3. Artwork

Artwork is what can really bring a space together. Look for large key pieces to display with colors that accent your space. I love using a pop of color in a modern style art piece to add a unique design feature to a neutral room.

4. Lighting

Sometimes just changing out your light fixtures can make a huge difference and add that needed design feature to make your space pop. So many options are available it’s important to choose one that complements the space. Opt for lighting that fits the height of the ceiling so as not to sacrifice space.

5. Accent Textiles

Plush throws and accent pillows can add a beautiful design feature while making a space feel warm and inviting. Choosing unique fabrics can give a space an edgy unique feel.